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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important!

Here at, your privacy is extremely important, and as such, we want you to know exactly what we collect, and how.

Please read all the way through to find out how we handle your privacy!

IP Logging

We do not save your IP address at all. We do however, store your IP address in the server's RAM when you give a user coins through /sig/[user]. This is never saved.


We use cookies on the website as a session key. No actual data besides the session key is stored on your computer. This means that even if another website manages to get their hands on the cookie, it will be a meaningless key only useful to website is run in the USA, so a cookie warning is not required.


This website is paid for out of pocket. However, I offer advertising space. Details are available at the ads page. These ads are not served or provided by any external source.


We will never give your email address to anyone else, unless you explicitly allow us. See more about eMail at the legal page.

That's it!

We hope your stay at is a pleasant one! Be sure to read the legal page to learn what you can and cannot do on our site!

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