You can send me Monero if you want to give me money for what I do.

Below is my wallet QR code and addresss.

Monero QR code (452fRbsyyTpPZDXUpu14ZCYCFyAxyiHeaiGPLKAjBaR7FJxztuTt7NjNFYwxKaCpQeWXKD9xNxtPYdaSqL375L599YVpa7w)

Address: 452fRbsyyTpPZDXUpu14ZCYCFyAxyiHeaiGPLKAjBaR7FJxztuTt7NjNFYwxKaCpQeWXKD9xNxtPYdaSqL375L599YVpa7w


I don't like Bitcoin as much because of its high fees and slowness, but you can still send me Bitcoin if you want.

Below is my wallet QR code and address.

Bitcoin QR code (bc1qej0w5ktuf6rt2enwl3kphdhhqju6tnjlvpqaar)

Address: bc1qej0w5ktuf6rt2enwl3kphdhhqju6tnjlvpqaar