Deskuz - Privacy Respecting Commenting

Deskuz is an embedded comment system, much like Disqus, that allows visitors of your site to comment and interact, even if you can't host a comment system.
Great for static websites, such as neocities.

We respect your privacy

As with the rest of the site, we do not log IP addresses of users, so you can create your comment embeds with peace of mind.

We respect your users' privacy

Many 3rd party comment systems track visitors of your site and sell their data to advertisers, without the website owner even knowing.
This is a huge misuse of your user's trust, happening right under your nose!

It's free

Deskuz is free, it costs you no money, and it costs you no data.
Deskuz is not monetized, so we do not have any incentive to get money out of you.

Try it now

All you need to use it is register or login to your account to get started.
Once you have done so, revisit this page.