Everyone should have a website. If you have something to say online, you should have a website. Unfortunately, many of the people who push for this ideal don't actually give great advice on how to get started.

Stop being a peasant, become a LandChad!

LandChad.net is a great site created by a man named Luke Smith which was released yesterday. Its name is a play on the words "landlord" and "chad". The site's first paragraph explains the meaning perfectly:

This is LandChad.net, a site dedicated to turning internet peasants into Internet Landlords by showing them how to setup websites, email servers, chat servers and everything in between.
LandChad.net homepage

Go take a look at the site! If you have been wanting to make your own website, it includes everything you need to get started, from 0 to a 100% working setup. It also includes many guides on how to setup services such as:
I wasn't paid to shill this site, I have received no money. I just believe a site like this should be shared, because it is working towards a great goal, and already has a ton of great resources to help people create their own digital empire, free from centralized services.