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About this site

This is the official website of Termer Software. Here you can find a list of software and projects by Termer Software, as well as use the bulletin board system available on this site.

Who runs this site?

This website is run, paid for, and operated by termer (also known as _termer_ and TermerMC). He is a developer who works with Java, backends, and web design.

How can I contact you?

To contact the webmaster, email Use this email for DMCA requests as well.

About 90s Mode

When activated, 90s Mode simplifies the website, making it suitable for 90s hardware and Internet speeds (56k modem, anyone?). It normally reduces pages sizes to less than 10KB. Even with dial up that would only take about 3s to load. If you want want to revert back to the normal format, simply click the Hipster Mode button (located where the 90s Mode button would be).

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