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This website is under construction, and as such, almost all the features here are not present or broken. You can create an account, but it won't do you much good at this time.

A note to those using

If you're visiting from, then you probably were greeted with a message about an invalid certificate. That's because the certificate for this site was not configured to work with the WWW subdomain. If you remove the WWW from the URL, then you will stop receiving this warning.

About the Webserver

This is a custom Java webserver written on top of the free and opensource library Spark (, which is in turn written on top of Jetty.

U.S. Censorship Law Is Ready To Be Passed

Please, spread this before it is too late!

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Google is not welcome

I have worked hard to make sure that Google has no part in my website. If you see anything being loaded from Google, please email me immediately, and I will remove it. You can find out how to contact me on the about page. Thank you for helping me keep users of the site private.

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