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Welcome to the website of Termer Software, home of high quality software and services that respect your privacy and freedom as a software user.
We offer services such as Deskuz, the privacy-respecting embedded comment system. Check out the software page for more info on our software.

Deskuz Comment System Released

Update: You now have more themes to choose from, as well as all accounts now have the ability to create (and release if they wish) themes!

Deskuz, the privacy-respecting embedded comment system has been released!
Check the Deskuz page!

About the Webserver

This is a custom Java webserver written on top of the free and open source webserver Twist.

Google is not welcome

I have worked hard to make sure that Google has no part in my website. If you see any resources being loaded from Google, please email me immediately, and I will remove it. You can find out how to contact me on the about page. Thank you for helping me keep users of the site private.

Be a man, switch to Linux.

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