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This website is under construction, and as such, almost all the features here are not present or broken. You can create an account, but it won't do you much good at this time.

Extended Downtime Soon

The webserver is being rewriteen to improve security. Extended downtime (1 day+) will be in effect in about a week. If you are using any services (such as the archive), please prepare.

Haha Fortnite

Even TorrentFreak had to get in on the action! article archive

About the Webserver

This is a custom Java webserver written on top of the free and opensource library Spark (, which is in turn written on top of Jetty.

VidLii Mobile

Subdomain List

Google is not welcome

I have worked hard to make sure that Google has no part in my website. If you see anything being loaded from Google, please email me immediately, and I will remove it. You can find out how to contact me on the about page. Thank you for helping me keep users of the site private.

Message me using Tox. My ID is 99F4AEB5B289D75C6AE12B9DB4FEB5F805E0171A498865081D921DE7D6CD3D2728C74A2AA5E6
Be a man, switch to Linux.

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